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Our passion is making the lives of our customers easier. We do this through designing and manufacturing a complete line of fluid dispensing equipment. Our products are compatible with all types of greases, oils, adhesives, sealants, and more. In addition to our vast selection of standard dispensing products, we offer complete customization. From a single custom nozzle to entire automated dispensing system, we’ve done it all. Our dispensing technology is utilized on products you use daily, from your car to your bathroom sink to your kitchen mixer.

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Fluid Dispensing Products

We have products that work with nearly every material under the sun, from the pump to the nozzle. Plus, with several patents under our belt, you can be confident you’re working with a team of innovators.

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Fluid Dispensing Applications

Our customer base includes the world’s leading automotive, medical, aerospace, furniture, consumer goods, and industrial manufacturers. Check out a sample of our favorite applications with these companies.

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Fluid Dispensing Custom Solutions

Whether you’re looking for a nozzle or an entire dispensing robot cell, we’re excited to help you create a custom solution for your application. Our team of engineers has a combined 100+ years of experience to apply to your system.

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GP Reeves Fluid Dispensing Experience provides:

  • Our Top-Notch Team: Our engineers have diverse backgrounds and are ready to find a solution for anything you throw their way.
  • Extreme Precision: Positive displacement dispensers ensure the correct amount of material is repeatedly dispensed regardless of viscosity. If you combine this with our patented air removal technology, you can rest assured that your parts will be dispensed accurately.
  • A One-Stop Shop: We offer products for every aspect of your dispensing process, meaning you can count on us to engineer and build your entire system, simplifying your end of the process.
  • Custom Solutions: We understand that sometimes standard products won’t make the cut. That’s why, besides our vast offering of dispensing equipment, we can design and manufacture any type of custom piece you need, from a single nozzle to an entire system.

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Since we were founded in 1971, GP Reeves has been a leading manufacturer of industrial dispensing equipment. Our first product was a Chain Lubricator, and we have continued to innovate over the last 50 years.

Today, our focus is on Material Dispensing, Automation, and, most importantly, making your life easier. Lately, we’ve been working with some pretty big companies, you’ve probably heard of some of them. Our loyal customers are the world’s leaders in automotive, medical supply, consumer products, and more. We have worked on a wide variety of products which can be found in a wide variety of places: factories, home garages, and kitchens, to name a few. We’ve applied grease in places you may have never thought of. Most of the companies we work with were not aware of how rudimentary their material application process was before switching to our products. Let me show you what I’m talking about. Would you rather your part look like this? Or this? From pumping your material to accurately and precisely dispensing it onto your part, we have a product for you. Our proven product line offers a range of high-performing equipment, including material pumps, filters, regulators, dispensers and nozzles.

We also offer custom part nesting and tooling designed for your specific part. Plus, we can engineer fully custom systems if your project requires something unique. Our standard product line works for almost all types of grease, oil, adhesives, sealants, and two-part materials. In fact, we’ve been able to dispense complex materials that some of our biggest competitors haven’t. So, whether you want to streamline and modernize your production material dispensing process or you have a tricky application that you need expert assistance with, we can help.

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Our Values

At GP Reeves, we consistently come back to our “10 Ps”. Our 10 P values are at the very core of our company — we even put a P in the middle of our logo. We pride ourselves on these and our team works hard everyday to ensure that they stay a top priority.

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