Case Summary:

A recreational equipment manufacturer wanted to improve their marine development process. They had been using a hand-held syringe to apply grease, which proved unreliable and caused uneven application. As a solution, GP Reeves provided a customized dispensing system that increased production capacity, improved product quality, and increased assembly efficiency. The new system gave the boat manufacturer a more efficient process, and it provided a competitive edge in the market.

The Problem: Unreliable Greasing

The manufacturer of marine wire harnesses expressed concern about the dependability and precision of manually applying dielectric grease to electrical connectors. They feared that this could harm their business reputation and the effectiveness of their products. To find a better application method, they turned to GP Reeves for assistance.

The Challenge: Variety is The Spice of Life

At GP Reeves, we utilized our extensive knowledge and experience in electronics, marine products, and automation to develop a system for applying grease to the electrical connectors of various wire harness types quickly and efficiently. Our system required a unique nest for each connector to ensure proper application, as each harness has a specific number of connectors, and each connector has an average of 8 openings that require grease. The wire harness is responsible for maintaining the continuous electrical signal for the boat’s primary power circuits, making it essential to ensure that each connector receives an adequate amount of dielectric grease. Without proper material delivery verification, the boat’s electro-mechanical operations could be at risk. To address these problems, our team aimed to speed up the connector assembly process for the manufacturer, and we created a meticulous system that distributed the dielectric grease to the wire harness components efficiently and reliably, meeting the customer’s expectations precisely. As always, we customized the perfect solution from start to finish.

The Solution: Unparalleled Dependability

GP. Reeves solved a problem for a boat manufacturer’s advanced marine technology by using a 5-gallon bucket of dielectric grease to lubricate 31 harness connectors. They utilized custom-designed nests and sensors to ensure the grease distributed evenly and the connections were properly made. To accommodate the unique assembly of the boat’s motorized hull, P. Reeves configured a swing arm component. Using two servo AA8 grease dispensers with closed-loop position monitoring to guarantee successful delivery of the material, P. Reeves accurately lubricated the connections in under a minute. The boat manufacturer realized significant benefits from this system.

End Result: Solution for the Sea

Our specialized system caters to the requirements of the marine industry. It automates and achieves high accuracy, making the assembly process faster. We customize the dispensing of grease in a unique way to suit your product’s specific properties. With our automated capabilities, we dispense quickly, and every dose is precise.

Our equipment applies dielectric grease material with utmost precision to all necessary connectors. This results in increased productivity, improved operational efficiency, better product quality, and enhanced profitability. If you seek similar solutions or wish to explore the potential of personalized dispensing equipment, please contact one of our experts today.

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