Custom Dispensing Equipment

Our custom dispensing equipment is unlike anything featured in our catalogs or on our site, as it is crafted and configured to your specific and unique needs. GP Reeves has created custom pumps, dispensers, nozzles, valves, and so much more. We offer complete custom systems and can configure almost any piece of equipment to get your material from point A to point B with precision and dependability. We welcome any fluid dispensing challenge your manufacturing procedure may contain.

Since our inception in 1971, GP Reeves has been creating custom dispensing equipment. With an emphasis on uncovering new and innovative solutions, we go the extra mile to solve challenges, whether known or unknown. As fluid dispensing experts in a wide range of industries, we have the knowledge and skills necessary to craft a custom dispensing solutions for your specific application. At least 50% of our projects have some custom element, whether it be a small nozzle or an entire automated dispensing system.

Go Custom to Meet Your Dispensing Needs

Custom solutions configured by GP Reeves allow your production and manufacturing processes to occur with more efficient, effective, and productive operating procedures. Our engineers work rigorously to evaluate the unique needs of your materials and applications to optimize a fluid dispensing system that is a perfect fit. By implementing a customized dispensing system, you gain more accuracy, precision, and reliability. Whether for chemical dispensing or grease spraying, or anything in between, our versatile solutions have been proven to save time, material, labor, and production costs. Some other benefits our previous customers have realized include:

Guarantee of Meeting Your Exact Tolerances

Greater Repeatability and Control over your Dispense Process

Material Delivery to Even Challenging and Unique Surfaces

Achieve Faster Cycle-Times and Increased Production Capacity

Reduction of Downtime and Material Waste

Custom Capabilities

custom wiring harness on a white background

Tooling and Nesting

GP Reeves offers a myriad of fluid dispensing systems, including the custom tooling and nesting options that cater to your unique assembly process. We have engineered various tooling and nesting systems to meet the needs of a wide range of industries – from automotive to agriculture to aerospace. Custom nesting ensures your production material is dispensed evenly on every required part while optimizing material usage and accuracy.  If you want to reduce material waste and increase throughput, talk with us about how custom nesting can level up your dispense system.

Turnkey Systems

GP Reeves specializes in manufacturing systems that are completely programmed and ready for action upon arrival. We tailor custom turnkey dispensing systems for the aerospace, agriculture, automotive, consumer product, energy and natural resources, heavy equipment, medical, and recreational vehicle fields. These customizable turnkey dispensing systems can range from containing 90% standard product with a custom part nest at the end, to fully automated robot cells with custom nests, nozzles, and programming.

a custom turnkey system on white background
a custom control system on a white background

Programming and Controls

The experts on our controls team have continuously succeeded in providing reliable custom programming and control equipment that delivers accurate and precise information regarding your specific production mechanisms. Our solutions have been utilized in a vast array of projects within a wide range of industries. No matter the scale of your fluid dispensing project, our engineers will ensure it meets your exact specifications and helps you reach your greatest production goals.

Case Studies with Customization

GP Reeves has collaborated with teams from various industries to ensure their projects have access to the most advanced dispensing solutions possible. To share some of these stories with you, we’ve created a slideshow of case studies to highlight our customization abilities. Whether a completely custom automated dispense cell or a customized upgrade to a previous dispense system, the team at GP Reeves excels at intricately developing solutions to tackle a wide range of unique production problems. Take a look at how we’ve helped to simplify assembly lines with our customization capabilities:

Solar Shingle Dispensing, Simplified

Case Summary Direct access to solar energy at your home has several benefits including lower utility bills, increased market value, and...

Dispensing Innovations For Advanced Air Mobility

Innovations in aerospace technology, enhanced commercial focuses on decarbonizing, and the evolution of electric mobility will accelerate the...

Pellet Mill Lubrication: Clean Grease, Simplified Process

The food and agriculture industries are vital to everyday life; we rely on these sectors to provide safe, quality products. An animal feed...

Renewable Energy Solutions: Degassing Process

Case Summary: Renewable energy is paving the way for a sustainable future. Though there are obvious benefits of transitioning towards renewable...

Boats Built Better | Wire Harness Case Study

Case Summary: A recreational equipment manufacturer wanted to improve their marine development process. They had been using a hand-held syringe to...

Oil Filling Assembly | An Automated System Solution for Generator Engines

Case Summary: A generator manufacturing company came to GP Reeves looking for a more effective, efficient, and reliable filling solution for their...

Innovative Rotor Assembly | A Solution for Electric & Hydrogen Powered Vehicles

The team at GP Reeves is passionate about the numerous ways effective dispensing systems can contribute to the revolutionary future of the...

Charging Up Consumerism: Electrifying the Route of Consumer Goods

Case Summary The innovative epoch of the modern consumer involves speed, reliability, and relentless advancement. GP Reeves has always been adept at...

The Right Kind of Mess: Preparing Transaxles for Dirty Work

Nobody likes to clean up a mess. It causes frustration, downtime, wasted material, expenses, and a loss in production capacity. An integrator came...

Accommodating Advancement: A System for Medical Caster Wheels

Case Summary Medical manufacturers often face the difficult task of combining innovative machinery with products that are clean, safe, and effective...

Case Study: Electric Energy Storage

Case Summary GP Reeves prides itself on its ability to adopt and advance contemporary technologies and dispensing techniques. As the world...

Case Study: Window Actuator Custom Nesting

Case Summary After recognizing an excess of wasted material, labor time, and mess during the lubrication of window actuator components, an...

Projects of Proof

Unlike competitors that have only a catalog of standard products to choose from, the dispensing solutions of GP Reeves are endless. We’ve customized fluid dispensing systems for every industry, and the materials we’ve worked with are countless. Here are just a few of the projects we’ve custom engineered to support our customers:

  • Automated epoxy dispensing system for automotive production line
  • Custom nozzle with more than 20 dispense valves for battery acid filling
  • Robotic system with custom thermal paste dispensing equipment for aerospace application
  • Custom automated dispense cell for PTFE dry lube material
  • 2K system with custom nozzles for unique medical components
  • Loctite dispenser for furniture bonding
  • Industrial oil dispenser with custom components for extraction and filling of engine parts
  • Chemical dispensing using automated dispensing unit and custom programming

Our Process for Custom Dispensing Equipment

When working with GP Reeves to create a custom dispensing solution, we dedicate the time and energy necessary to ensure that the dispensing system is tailored and perfected for your unique operation. At the start of the process, our engineers analyze and evaluate your needs, the materials, surfaces, and environments involved. Our team then works on creating the best parts for your processes and programming a system to deliver a proper dispense. With our state of the art lab and testing facility, we have the ability to test and prototype your desired dispensing application to verify feasibility and functionality. We replicate the materials, applications, and environments of the dispense process as much as possible to ensure that the turn-key equipment is as best as it can be. GP Reeves also offers installation assistance and follow up support for all of our products.

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