Custom Turnkey Projects

GP Reeves specializes in manufacturing systems that are completely programmed and ready for action upon arrival. We tailor custom turnkey dispensing systems for the aerospace, agriculture, automotive, consumer product, energy and natural resources, heavy equipment, medical, and recreational vehicle fields.

Generator | Automated Oil Filling

GP Reeves developed a customized solution for a high-profile customer looking to automate the oil filling process for their generators. Our solution utilizes a state-of-the-art vision system to identify and dispense into the appropriate fill ports on the generator regardless of the positioning of the generator. 

UV Cure Dispensing

A long-time customer approached GP Reeves for assistance in assembling a system to dispense UV cure on electrical connections for trailers. Through our partnership, we developed a system that they were impressed with and addressed the needs of the end user.

Bead Verification Technology

An extra layer of accuracy is often needed for projects that require more precise dispensing. That’s where GP Reeves comes in. We integrated a robotic arm that can do multiple tasks for the customer. It can precisely dispense beads and check its work through a vision system. This system reduces the need for manual inspections and elevated the customer’s efficiency and reliability.

Transmission Oil Fluid Filling

For the lubrication of this headrest, our engineers designed custom nesting to hold the part in place during the grease dispense part. To verify the cycle stage of the dispensing process, a dome light was added to the system. This innovative dispense system possessed automated nozzles which lubricated the headrest accurately and efficiently.  

Robotic Sunroof Rail Greasing

One automated system lubricates both the sunroof rails and mechanism parts in a single cycle. Spray nozzles provides uniform coverage that evenly coats intricate grooves. A nozzle with multiple dispense points cuts down on dispense time by reducing the number of robot passes.

Dishwasher Mounting Plate Lubrication

Mounting plate lubrication is imperative to the assembly of a dishwasher. Our team of engineers utilized our standard dispensing products combined with a servo-driven rotary actuator to rotate the part. The system also utilized part in place sensing to initiate the each cycle.

Inner Diameter Driveshaft Lubrication

Our patented G-Force is able to lubricate the entire inner diameter of a driveshaft with ease. The touchless application allows one machine to be utilized for a variety of driveshafts ranging in size and spline, reducing the amount of equipment needed in your facility. The controller pairs with a part scanner to ensure the correct dispensing recipe is used each time.

Generator Bore Lubrication

Integrating automation into production lines can simplify processes and ensure accuracy. With this integrated system we developed for a customer, the completely automated cell made the customer’s process more efficient. G-Force and spray nozzles lubricate generator bores, providing precise material application.

Cupholder Dry Lubrication

Proper material application is crucial when it comes to your vehicle. Integrating dispense automation into vehicle productions can provide precision. This system developed by our team is designed to spray dry lube into the grooves of cupholders. Complete with a vision system and a custom masks, this system adds an extra layer of accuracy into this customers lines and simplified their lines.

Automated RTV Dispensing on Agriculture Transaxle

We designed a custom RTV application system that ensured RTV material was dispensed consistently and accurately.  First, a Zero Force switch was implemented to ensure that the system did not run without parts. Then, an integrated solvent cup and schedule auto-purges were added to prevent material from curing at the nozzle tip. Finally, custom nesting and custom programming were added to create a “plug and play” system.

Furniture Assembly Lubrication and Hole Tapping

Dual purpose system designed for the table leg of an adjustable desk. The equipment lubricates the inner diameter while tapping holes. Integrated vacuum tubes remove metal scraps. Part in place sensors and safety door ensure cycle doesn’t start prematurely.

O-Ring Lubrication for Agriculture

Agriculture equipment manufacturers need reliable lubrication for their products. That includes smaller components, such as o-rings. When a manufacturer needed a system to grease their components, GP Reeves delivered. We utilized custom nests, part-in-place sensors, and our precise dispensing equipment to develop a system that brings accuracy and precision to their process.

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