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Have a challenging dispense project? GP Reeves has been creating custom dispense solutions for over 50 years. Let us put our experience to work for you.

What We Do

Custom Tooling and Nesting

Tooling & Nesting

Custom nesting is often the easiest way to ensure your production material is dispensed evenly on every part it’s required.

Turnkey Systems

Turkey Systems

GP Reeves specializes in manufacturing systems that are completely programmed and ready for action upon arrival.

Programming and controls

Programming and Controls

We have decades of experience providing reliable custom programming and control equipment that delivers accurate and precise information.

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Tooling & Nesting

Increase efficiency, accuracy and capacity by reducing cycle times and minimizing material waste. Our custom tooling and nesting options will save your team valuable time, allowing them to focus on more important aspects of the assembly process. These are just a few of the custom tooling & nesting projects we’ve built:

  • Custom nozzles for battery acid filling
  • 2K custom nozzles for medical componenets
  • Loctite dispenser for furniture bonding
  • Custom components for oil extraction & filling for engine parts
  • Custom nozzle to apply grease to the ID of a shaft
  • Custom grease cage
  • Custom tooling for automotive shocks
  • Custom quick change tool for grease
  • Specialized nozzle for O.D.
  • Custom nest for dual spray nozzle
  • Custom 8 station water purge system for dispensers
  • Customized 45° spray nozzle
  • Ball joint custom nest assembly
  • Custom rotometer
  • Specialized “Y” adapter block assembly

Turnkey Systems

GP Reeves specializes in manufacturing systems that are completely programmed and ready for action upon arrival. We tailor custom turnkey dispensing systems for the aerospace, agriculture, automotive, consumer product, energy and natural resources, heavy equipment, medical, and recreational vehicle fields. These customizable turnkey dispensing systems can range from 90% standard product with a custom part nest at the end, to fully automated robot cells with custom nests, nozzles, and programming. These are just some of the turnkey systems we have designed:

  • O-Ring lubrication system for agricultural manufacturer
  • Axis Saver Robot Greaser
  • Automotive bezel microdot greaser
  • Thermal grease application
  • Generator bore lubrication system
  • Dry lubrication for cupholder
  • Camshaft greasing
  • Bead verification system
  • Sealant, adhesive dispense system w/ thermal management
  • 2K dispensing system for flex circuits
  • UV cure dispensing for electrical connections
  • RTV dispensing for agricultural transaxle
  • Air purge systems
  • Dishwasher mounting plate lubrication
  • Syringe Inner Diameter Coating

Programming & Controls

The experts on our controls team continuously provide reliable custom programming and control equipment that delivers accurate and precise information regarding your specific production mechanisms. Our solutions have been utilized in a vast array of projects within a wide range of industries. No matter the scale of your fluid dispensing project, our engineers will ensure it meets your exact specifications and helps you reach your production goals.

Standard AA Controllers

  • Standard controllers for pneumatic AA dispenser or servo dispenser
  • HMI diplays in 4″ & 7″ for pneumatic dispenser, 7″ & 10″ for servo dispenser
  • PNP, NPN outputs as well as ethernet slave only & ethernet communication
  • 24 VDC pwer, 120, 240 VAC power options

Dispense Control Hub

  • Controllers for GSS, GPMD, Rotometers and more
  • 4″ & 7″ HMI
  • Console (tabletop mounting) or Enclosure (back mounting)
  • PNP & NPN  communication
  • Custom options are available to support more advanced systems

Customized Control Packages

  • Choose from AA dispenser or RotoMeter dispenser
  • Options from 1 – 8 dispensers
  • Allen  Bradley CompactLogix, Siemens Simatic ET 200SP, or Keyence KV-8000 PLCs
  • HMI options in 6″, 7″, 8″ & 10″
  • Options include European Power Standards, Servo Controller, and networking for remote support device

Custom Systems Process


Our team analyzes the characteristics of your surface, material, environmental conditions, and each assembly part to ensure your custom dispense system delivers an optimal dispense solution.


After project analysis, our crew designs each part of the grease dispense system ensuring it will maximize the production line potential.


After our design exceeds expectations, we manufacture all products in house, ensuring our grease dispense system will effectively integrate with the customer’s current processes.


GP Reeves replicates the system’s eventual conditions, grease materials, space, and any other factors necessary to validate the fluid dispensing process.


After we have verified functionality in our own facility, we offer installation services and support for all products. We are dedicated to your production success for the long haul.

We’ve Been Building For Over 20 years

A commitment to relentless innovation, unwavering customer service, and precision engineering are the core of our business.

Client Testimonials

“We received a custom source solution for our UV cure material and it has worked out great. We’re thrilled with the quality of the product and the efficiency it allowed us to attain.”

“The GP Reeves team really took care of my dispensing challenges. They walked me through each step of the process and offered a solution unlike any other provided by [GP Reeves Competitor]. For a quality solution, I’d definitely recommend using GP Reeves.”

“We have an automated system from GP Reeves that’s given us the best oil dosage possible. We never have to worry about inconsistencies or error. Our engineers and operators can be confident with each oil dispense.”

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Authorized CNC System Integrator for FANUC

As a level two FANUC integrator, we adhere to high-quality standards in our integration projects, ensuring that installations, programming, and maintenance meet FANUC’s requirements.



GP Reeves is committed to enhancing customer satisfaction, continuous improvement and relationship management.

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UL 508B Certification

Our industrial control panels comply with the safety standards established by UL – a globally recognized safety certification company that sets industry-wide standards that cover aspects such as electrical safety, fire hazards, and mechanical risks.

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