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GP Reeves is a leading global provider of engineered dispense systems and manufacturing solutions. Since 1971, we have been applying our experience to a variety of industries and environments. Not only do we produce dependable and reliable dispensing systems, but we can also engineer and build custom equipment to meet your specific needs, no matter the industry. GP Reeves offers a complete line of grease, oil, ambient, and heated material dispensing equipment and automation that can be utilized in a diverse range of applications and industries. Our portfolio of work is always expanding and we would love to chat with you about your specific application.


Aerospace technology manufacturing requires precision, durability, and reliability from its dispense systems. GP Reeves has tested and prototyped custom dispensing applications for aerospace-related procedures. Our innovative systems have aided in the automation of commercial aerospace manufacturing and continue to support the aerospace industry. Our years of dispensing experience have helped create effective systems suitable for the rigor and endurance needed for aerospace.


We design and manufacture dispensing systems appropriate for the harsh conditions the agricultural industry endures. Our systems are configurable to fit the common materials, volumes, and pressures needed for any agricultural dispensing process. From lawn mowers to excavators, our systems are prepared to provide an accurate dispense for any agricultural need. GP Reeves has rigorously developed solutions for a variety of agricultural projects and is eager to tackle any specific dispensing demands you require.


GP Reeves has become a global leader in material dispensing for the automotive industry. We have compiled a vast history of success with custom automotive equipment and are always evolving to handle even the most challenging of dispensing projects. From the lubrication of sunroof rails, to the construction of autonomous vehicles, GP Reeves dispensing systems can assist in a large array of automotive endeavors. We have served a plethora of automotive manufacturers, including OEMs, with our state of the art dispensing systems. Our use of custom tooling  and configurable options allows us to create manufacturing solutions perfect for any application in the automotive industry.

Batteries/Energy Storage

Our Engineers are passionate about the innovations possible through advanced battery technology. We have worked on a variety of components for the energy storage industry with our advanced dispensing machinery and ability to customize equipment to meet exact customer specifications. GP Reeves is enthused about future projects relating to energy storage and can’t wait to continue solving the challenges of this industry.

Consumer Products

The manufacturing of consumer products has been made easier and more efficient with the use of GP Reeves dispensing equipment. We have applied our vast experience to various consumer projects that are used in everyday life in places like a kitchen, bathroom, or home garage. Our custom dispensing systems work to deliver the specific volumes, pressures, and applications needed in the consumer product industry.

Energy and Natural Resources

GP Reeves dispensers have been used globally to ensure that material is properly dispensed to a variety of surfaces and parts involved in energy and natural resource manufacturing processes. From filling tri-cone drilling bits with grease to applying anti-seize on pipes to prevent corrosion, we can aid in all aspects of the Energy and Natural Resource industry.

Heavy Equipment

GP Reeves has made a tremendous impact on the manufacturing of heavy equipment. With a drive to dispense material reliably and precisely, GP Reeves has ensured that heavy equipment, from steering columns to complex engines, can be constructed with efficiency and dependability. Our engineers have accumulated years of industry experience and use that experience to properly craft custom dispensing systems best fit for a wide range of heavy equipment projects.


GP Reeves has used our passion for helping others and our years of dispensing experience to positively impact the medical industry. Our engineers have delivered systems to aid in the manufacturing of medical solutions, including hospital beds, syringes, blood sugar testers, and surgical equipment. We are excited to provide customizable and configurable systems to optimally assist the medical industry.

Recreational Vehicles

We offer a variety of customizable equipment fit for all recreational vehicle manufacturers.  Our team has worked on a wide array of recreational vehicle dispensing projects. From marine engine and boat wiring harnesses to snowmobile brakes, GP Reeves produces dispensing systems that are reliable and dependable for the precise demands of the recreational vehicle industry.

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