Count on GP Reeves as your trusted partner in simplifying pellet mill maintenance. Our cutting-edge grease dispensing solutions are designed to optimize the upkeep of your pellet machines. With our innovative dispensing systems, greasing your pelletizer components becomes a swift and precise process that reduces downtime, labor intensity, and complexity.

From Friction to Perfection


Material Waste

Increase Pellet Mill Performance

Worker Safety


Part Longevity

Enhance Pelletizer Efficiency

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Pellet Mill Maintenance Made Easy

A pellet supplier sought a solution to optimize their pellet mill lubrication process. Our team created a custom grease dispensing solution that applied food grade grease to the roller, die, and drum components of their pellet maker. Using patented technology, customized equipment, and over 5 decade’s worth of dispensing expertise, we created a top-notch system that simplified the pellet mill maintenance process significantly.

Critical Maintenance Lubrication

With production machinery that requires intensive upkeep and consistent monitoring, lubrication procedures may be more integral than normally considered. GP Reeves has developed countless solutions to ensure that critical maintenance lubrication is easy, reliable, and effective. Find out more about how GP Reeves conquers the challenges of critical maintenance lubrication in this resource article!

Problem Solving for Pellet Machines

  • Multi-Level Operations: The custom decoupled grease dispense system pumped from the first-floor grease pail up to the third floor where dispensing took place.
  • Airborne Contamination: GP Reeves ensured any foreign particles or debris wouldn’t impact the pellet making process by creating custom enclosure housings.
  • Material Waste: The system allowed the manufacturer to upgrade from a 120 lb. keg of grease to a 400 lb. drum. The customized dispensing system also ensured more accurate dispensing volumes.
  • Manual Labor: The GP Reeves system reduced the pelletizer’s greasing time from 45 to 10 minutes. Pail changes also went from taking place every 2-3 days to 10 days.

The Proof is in the Pudding Pellet

1 System Needed for Lubrication Maintenance Instead of Original 2


Time Saved

3.3x Increase

in Material Volume Capacity

400% Increase

in Pail Change Efficiency

While factoring in the pellet machine’s elevation, the pellet supplier’s factory conditions, the labor intensity of operations, and the impact of material waste, GP Reeves configured a system that exceeded expectations. Some of the benefits include:

  • Upgrading to the GDP grease pump for 400-pound drums significantly improved the pellet supplier’s volume capacity while allowing them to reduce the frequency of drum changes.
  • A customized AA dispenser, located three floors above the pump part of the dispense system, controls the volume and rate of each dispense, increasing reliability, material effectiveness, and repeatability.
  • The system’s custom enclosure keeps airborne contaminants from entering the dispensing components, ensuring a clean and uninterrupted dispense process.

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Pushing Pellet Suppliers Forward

Enter GP Reeves, the trusted ally that has forged partnerships with manufacturers worldwide, dedicated to ensuring effortless, dependable, and efficient maintenance processes. Our robust dispensers minimize maintenance downtime, elevate product quality, and foster the longevity of your machinery. With GP Reeves by your side, durability and excellence go hand in hand.

Application Examples for Pellet Mills

  • Automated greasing of roller bearings of wood pellet machine.
  • Lubrication of bearings for pellet maker rolling cylinders.
  • Drum variator disc bearing lubrication with customized tooling.
  • Fluid dispensing system for main shaft lubrication in feed pellet mill.
  • Manual dispensing solution for pellet machine gear box oil application.

This is How We Roll….

Our expertise lies in providing tailored solutions that ensure effective lubrication, minimizing wear and tear, optimizing production output, and ultimately helping pellet manufacturers achieve peak operational performance. No matter if you’re working to lubricate roller bearings, a pellet mill die, or drum variators, we’ve got you covered. With our commitment to excellence and unrivaled dispensing systems, GP Reeves is the trusted partner for keeping pellet machines well-lubricated and running smoothly.

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