We have experience dispensing on nearly every aspect of automotive vehicles. Some of our favorite applications can be found below. 


Our customer was hand applying grease prior to switching to GP Reeves products. When they came to us, they were looking for a system that would provide uniform coverage on specific areas of their sunroof rail. Utilizing a custom automation cell paired with our spray nozzles, we were able to exceed the customers expectations. 


The industry standard for lubricating driveshafts is to lubricate the exterior, but that wasn’t good enough for us. Our patented G-Force is able to lubricate the entire inner diameter of a driveshaft with ease. The touchless application allows one machine to be utilized for a variety of driveshafts ranging in size and spline, reducing the amount of equipment needed in your facility. The controller pairs with a part scanner to ensure the correct dispensing recipe is used each time.


With a car part as adjustable as the seats, there are a variety of places that need to be lubricated long term to prevent excess noise and wear. The above videos feature seating springs and headrests, which have very different lubrication requirements. Headrest greasing requires a dot of grease in the top groove to assist in the up and down adjustment of the headrest. The seating springs are there to help with reclining the chair, and require greasing to eliminate any deterioration or excess noise.


We have designed custom systems for several parts of automotive transmission. The highlighted videos feature a custom transmission plug greasing machine and a transmission filling system. Our filling systems ensure the exact amount of liquid is quickly and accurately dispensed. The transmission plug system was used to prevent external contaminants from entering during assembly.

Wheel Bore

Our systems have supported a variety of wheel bore projects. The example above showcases an automated system which secured the tire and used a rotating spray nozzle to grease the inner diameter of the wheel bore, assisting in attachment to vehicle rims.


Engine lubrication is essential to keep all the parts moving with ease and we have experience lubricating all aspects of the engine. Using our specially designed G-Force, we have lubricated piston walls in a unique radial pattern before they were further constructed to assist the cylinders within an internal combustion engine. The video demonstrates the lubrication of a crankshaft. Custom nozzles were designed to ensure an even coat of grease around the outer diameter to aid in assembly and ensure ease of movement long term.

Interior Bezel

There are several types of interior trim within a vehicle and several ways to lubricate these. We have developed fully automated robot cells complete with custom nesting, spray nozzles, and sliding tables that allow for simultaneous lubrication and loading of parts. Another common application consists of several GSS dispensers working custom nesting to apply dots in specific areas of a bezel. All interior trim applications are designed to last preventing future sticking of buttons.

Steering Column

Our standard spray nozzles paired with an AA dispenser led to the uniform coverage of the customer’s steering column. The AA ensured only airless grease would be dispensed onto the part, guaranteeing long-term lubrication of the steering column.

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