From surgical devices to basic instruments, GP Reeves has provided production dispensing systems for medical manufacturers around the world. We are honored to aid in the construction of equipment that helps to save lives and keep communities healthy. All aspects contributing to the development of these life saving devices are critical, which is why our ultra-precise dispensing solutions are incredibly significant to the proper assembly of these products.

Our Experience

In an industry as vital as the medical field, it is crucial that the machinery used is sterile, durable, and effective. GP Reeves has dedicated countless hours to ensure that medical equipment has access to the most advanced dispensing solutions possible and is able to follow the strict regulations of its field. With our decades of dispensing expertise, GP Reeves has masterfully engineered a variety of equipment and dispensing machinery to ensure medical manufacturers are able to efficiently equip the healthcare industry with practical and innovative products.


Medical Manufacturing Materials

Our team recognizes the critical importance of accurate material dispensing for the fields of medical device manufacturing and life science equipment. We’ve developed unparalleled solutions to successfully and precisely distribute even the most complex of medical manufacturing materials. For a deep dive into how we ensure each material we dispensed is handled with care, check out our material guide.

When we ask our top customers why they love working with us, they respond with answers such as:

Product Quality

Growth in


Reduced Wasted

Production Efficiency

Increased Worker

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Case Study

Advancement is a huge aspect of medical technology, so when a long-time customer came to us asking for a system update, we were happy to oblige. Our engineers were masterfully configured an innovative solution that integrated aged designs with cutting-edge technology, resulting in the creation of a system that increased efficiency, established higher safety standards, and led to a greater production capacity. For insight surrounding one of our latest medical projects, visit our most recent life science blog post

Custom tooling in front of station

Some of Our Customers:

Our Process for Medical Dispensing Solutions

When collaborating with GP Reeves on a medical application, you will gain powerful insight from a team of hard-working engineers and access to unparalleled dispensing solutions.

  1. Analyze – To begin the process of creating a dispensing solution, our team first works to examine and analyze your project’s needs, the materials being used, the surfaces involved, any special regulations or guidelines, and the external conditions the application may face.
  2. Design – After evaluating the characteristics of the medical application, our engineers meticulously work to design the best parts, processes, and programming methods to ensure the most optimal dispense will occur for your unique components.
  3. Testing – With our innovative lab and testing facility, our team tests and prototypes the features of your solution to confirm that it possesses the feasibility and functionality necessary to support your manufacturing needs. We do this by replicating the application, including its environment, materials, and surfaces, as much as possible.
  4. Continued Support – After our team is sure that the dispensing equipment is as effective and impressive as can be, we continue to offer installation assistance and follow up support. We aren’t satisfied until we’ve propelled your medical application further, and we’re determined to devote whatever it takes to get you there!

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GP Reeves Customer Testimonial:

“I couldn’t be happier with your level of engagement and effort on this.  I have to say, [a certain competitor] fell way short to matching your contribution.  I’ll definitely lead with your solutions…”

How We Empower the Medical Industry

For decades, GP Reeves has assisted manufacturers around the globe with our advanced dispensing technology. We have worked with a multitude of medical applications and have configured both standard and custom solutions to ensure customers receive the most optimal systems possible. Our team has aided in numerous projects for the medical field, but some of ways in which we assist the industry are listed below. If you don’t see an example of the solution you’re seeking, don’t worry. Our team has such a diverse background of experience that we can’t list it all here! Get in touch with us today to see how we can configure a solution for even the most challenging of medical applications!

Medical Component Bonding

GP Reeves has completed a myriad of successful bonding solutions for a range of medical manufacturers. Combining expertise with a wide array of bonding adhesives with a passion for promoting dispensing success, our engineers have worked to create systems that provide medical equipment with a durable and long-lasting bond. Our equipment has been developed to ensure customers receive ultimate levels of precision and efficiency, so your bonding project will be guaranteed an accurate and effective delivery of material.

GP Reeves Bonding Results in:

  • High quality performance
  • Safer work environments
  • Quicker production times
  • Increased product yields
    Coating for Medical Applications

    Our team has accumulated a wealth of knowledge relating to the proper spraying and coating of medical applications. We’ve created numerous controlled processes that enhance regulatory compliance and allow for efficient production tactics. Our equipment ensures consistent and repeatable dispenses for a variety of different materials. From swift lines and dots to complete radial coverage, GP Reeves has vast experience within this realm of medical manufacturing.

    GP Reeves Coating Results in:

    • Greater cost-effectiveness
    • Less wasted material
    • Enhanced productivity
    • Unparalleled accuracy
      Automated Dispensing Solutions

      GP Reeves is passionate about propelling your equipment forward, so we use the most advanced dispensing strategies possible. Our team has developed a vast array of automated dispensing systems to elevate your medical manufacturing operations further. Our automated systems offer impeccable accuracy, repeatable results, and efficient dispensing tactics. GP Reeves is enthused to support you with our advanced variety of automated dispensing solutions.

      GP Reeves Automated Dispensing Results in:

      • Greater precision
      • Enhanced workplace safety
      • Increased productivity
      • Elevated production capacity
        Lubrication for the Medical Field

        The team at GP Reeves has utilized our 50+ years of expertise in material dispensing to ensure the medical industry can access the most advanced dispensing solutions possible. We’ve equipped manufacturers with a variety of systems to help their products receive less friction, work more efficiently, and obtain a longer product lifetime. Whether lubricating with grease, oil, or another lubrication material, the engineers at GP Reeves are enthused about providing an excellent lubrication solution to your unique medical application.

        Lubrication Results of GP Reeves:

        • Greater product quality
        • Less tension
        • Increased material accuracy
        • Reduced operational expenses

          Previous Applications

          GP Reeves has worked with a variety of medical device companies. We are honored to be able to aid in the construction of equipment that helps save lives and keep communities healthy. All aspects contributing to the development of these life saving devices are crucial, which is why our ultra-precise dispensers are vital to these solutions. A few examples of a medical applications we’ve done in the past are below.

          A1C Monitor

          Our solution for this application ensured battery tabs on both sides of the device were properly greased prior to assembly to prevent corrosion. The customized dispensing system brought both parts into an enclosed area prior for dispensing ensuring a safe process.


          GP Reeves has designed solutions for the safety and precision required by medical devices. Using our highly precise servo dispensers, we distributed oil to the inside of pharmaceutical syringes, allowing for ease and efficiency of the product during medical procedures. This specialized system utilized our radial cone spray nozzles allowing the same system to be used for multiple sizes of syringes.

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