Case Summary

The ability to survive several different environmental factors is an important quality of any electrical equipment. This starts with an effective material application to hold it all together. We were approached by Betz Machine, a long-time customer, to assist in assembling a system to dispense a UV cure potting compound on the electrical connectors between trucks and trailers. 

The Concern

Betz is an integrator that specializes in automated systems. They were approached by an OEM to create a system that can dispense UV cure material onto their part. The system also needed to cure the material and test the application. While they had developed their own system and tooling, they still needed a solution to dispense the material accurately and in a timely manner. Betz had worked with the GP Reeves team in the past. Therefore, they had complete confidence in us, saying “…we started implementing GP Reeves into our fully automated machinery and we had good success and above reproach customer service, so we kept using them moving forward.”  

The Challenge

The material used for this assembly is a potting compound. These compounds are extremely effective in resisting environmental influences, while strengthening the quality of electronics. However, Betz wasn’t as familiar with this type of material. They relied on us to specify the precise equipment necessary for the dispensing portion of the system, from the pump to the dispensers and all hoses in between. We needed to provide equipment that would be compatible, as well as insight into material handling for the entire system.  

The Solution

GP Reeves provided the entire dispensing system to be used in the process. Altogether, the system consists of a RAM pump, six dispensers, and all the connections necessary. We utilized a GSP 5gallon pail unloader with a 5:1 boost ratio. The inductor plate is compatible with a bladder bag, which is how this complex material comes. It is imperative the material is not exposed to open air prior to being dispensed onto the part; this could cause premature curing. We implemented six Shear Sensitive RotoMeters for the dispensers. These products are progressive cavity dispensers that accurately measure material while ensuring there is no unwanted curing. Our dispense system integrates with and is powered by Betz’s custom controls. Their controls manage the speed and volume of the RotoMeter’s dispense as well as the curing and testing stations of the system. 

The full system consists of 10 stations, which can all happen simultaneously. GP Reeves products are involved in the two dispensing stations. The end customer’s part is a terminal that has six different pockets that require material. The parts are placed on a turntable where it first goes to a station with four RotoMeters. At this station, 0.28 cc dispenses on two of the locations and 0.37 cc on two others. Then the part cycles to the next station where there are two more RotoMeters, dispensing 0.47 cc to the final two locations. The dispensing process has a cycle time of 2-3 seconds per station. Jaymes Kyle from Betz shares “GP Reeves is a great solution because they can very finely control the volume, that’s being pushed [dispensed] at each location”.   

After completing the dispense, the material is cured through three stations with UV lights. Afterward, the part is marked to show that it is potted and cured with this automated cell. The final step is an air pressure decay test. It confirms the material is dispensed according to the required volume and cured accurately. Finally, any failed parts are placed in a reject bin, further ensuring they don’t move to the next step in the manufacturing process. The system utilizes part in place sensors, so the individual stations won’t run if there isn’t a part present. 

End Result

Overall, Betz is extremely pleased and impressed with the results of our system. We collaborated on a system that can both effectively apply material with complex curing properties, as well as work with the needs of the end customer. As a result of close collaboration and experience in this market, we are currently working with them on another similar system for UV Cure material.  

We could keep giving reasons why your next dispensing project should be with GP Reeves, but we’ll let Jaymes do it for us this time: “If any company is looking at anything besides GP Reeves, I would ask why. Competitors do no not deliver as well as GP Reeves.” If you have been looking for a company that can give you quality dispensing products, as well as customer service, contact us today!  

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