For years, GP Reeves has had an intense focus on innovation. This, paired with the extreme accuracy of Keyence flow sensors, has led to a huge step forward in battery filling technology. The skills, talents, and technologies of the teams at Keyence and GP Reeves are revolutionizing a vast array of industries and are enabling developers to charge ahead. Our battery fill system empowers manufacturers to gain operational efficiency, unmatched quality, and impressive production capacity

The System in Question

A pressure pot from GP Reeves fed a custom tooling system we had created specifically for our customer’s battery apparatus. This system comprised of 14 diaphragm valves which were each paired with an innovative Keyence sensor to allow for proper integration with a system controller. Once a certain desired volume had moved past each individual Keyence sensor, the cutting-edge device would alert the controller to close its associated valve. This ensured an accurate amount of material was consistently dispensed and that the overall process was clean, efficient, and sustainable.
dispense automation for battery filling

Filling system dispensed 935 cc of electrolyte material in under 2 minutes.

Batteries were consistently filled with an accuracy of +/- 2%.

20-nozzle dispense head had a combined flow rate of 10,000 ml/minute.

Complex electrolyte material required specialized tooling to prevent corrosion or other damage to the system.

Keyence sensors ensured batteries were repeatedly filled to the specified volume.


  • Less Downtime: With automated battery filling technology, the amount of downtime between cycles was significantly reduced, increasing manufacturing efficiency.
  • Material-Compatible: All components were compatible with our customer’s specific battery acid, reducing corrosion. Keyence clamp-on sensors worked perfectly for this requirement!
  • Simplified Supply Chain: Nearly all products in the system were designed and manufactured by us in Michigan, reducing the projects’ reliance on today’s unreliable supply chain.
  • Reduced Waste: Because of the reliability of the sensors, the battery fill material stopped flowing at exact volumes desired. This meant there was no excess material left on battery components and no need to clean up areas of production.
  • Increased Profitability: Due to the cost-effective combination of Keyence and GP Reeves, the customer was able to produce battery components more efficiently and at a higher yield capacity, leading them to gain increased profit potential.
  • Accurate Monitoring: Systems are available with one or two Keyence sensors per line. The additional sensor serves as a volume confirmation device, giving you complete peace of mind that your batteries are accurately filled.
dispense automation for battery filling
customized battery dispensing

Why Partner with GP Reeves?

  • We have accumulated 50+ years of dispensing expertise across a range of industries and have applied this significant knowledge to numerous battery projects.
  • Our team can customize equipment to meet the exact needs of your unique application. From surface plates to battery cells, we can fill, bond, seal, and more with your specific desires in mind. For more information on how we can benefit your battery development process, check out our Battery page.
  • The machinery we create is made in-house, so we can constantly monitor its quality and performance while not having to wait on other suppliers.
  • We can deliver our systems turnkey and ready to operate, ensuring your assembly process immediately benefits from GP Reeves battery filling technology.
  • Our equipment is built to provide exquisite precision to any application, so your material will be delivered at the correct volume, position, flow, and pressure for your project.

Charging Ahead

In addition to the top-notch development of batteries, a partnership with GP Reeves could provide numerous advantages to projects across industries. Our team is enthused to revolutionize processes around the globe. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our project capabilities or explore our endless potential today!


From filling to sealing, GP Reeves can aid in the advancement of nearly every aspect of battery manufacturing.

dispense automation for the battery industry

Renewable Energy

Our team works hard to develop systems to support the non-renewable sectors of the energy and natural resources industry.

Dispense automation for the renewable energy sector


GP Reeves is thrilled to continue to provide innovative dispensing technology that further advances the automotive industry.

dispense automation for the automotive industry

Heavy Equipment

We’ve dispensed a surplus of materials on various aspects of heavy equipment, and we’re excited to continue.

dispense automation for the heavy equipment industry

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