Chain Lubricant: LL4000 | 235°F Flash Point, SUS 55, Part Synthetic | GP Reeves Inc.

This high-temperature chain lubricant, available in one or five-gallon containers, combines a light viscosity carrier solvent with a synthetic formula and molybdenum disulfide, offering excellent heat resistance, reduced friction, and optimal viscosity at a 55 SUS rating and a 235 degrees Fahrenheit flash point.

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Features and Benefits

  • High-Temperature Stability: The presence of a fully compounded synthetic high-temperature chain lubricant ensures that it can maintain its lubricating properties even when exposed to extreme heat.
  • Reduced Friction and Wear: The inclusion of molybdenum disulfide, a solid lubricant known for its excellent low-friction and high-load-bearing characteristics, significantly enhances the lubricant’s ability to reduce friction between moving parts.
  • Optimal Viscosity and Safety: With a viscosity of 55 SUS, this lubricant strikes a balance between being fluid enough to be easily applied and spread over moving parts, and thick enough to maintain a consistent lubricating film without dripping or splattering.
Part Number:LL4000
Flash Point:>200ºF
Specific Gravity:0.819
Container Size:1 gal, 5 gal, 55 gal upon request
LL4000 Options:LL4000-1 | LL4000-5

Fulfillment time: 5 days. Please note that longer fulfillment time could occur depending on the number of components ordered or supply chain delays.

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