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Protect your sensitive materials from ultraviolet light with our UV-blocking, tapered dispensing tips. Tips are sold in packs of 50 and are made from durable, non-leaching polypropylene. Luer lock dispense nozzles are 1.25” and come in sizes ranging from 14 gauge up to 25 gauge.  A variety pack is also available.  Looking for non-UV blocking? We have those as well.

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Features and Benefits

  • Material Protection: The UV Blocking properties prevent premature curing of adhesives and sealants.
  • Reduced Back Pressure: Lower back pressure means smoother flow and less strain on the dispensing machinery, delivering better results and protection of your equipment.
  • Chemical Resistance: Polypropylene’s resistance to a variety of chemicals prevents chemical reactions that can degrade adhesive or 2K materials.
  • Reduced Clogging and Downtime: Reusable tips are likely to clog overtime, but disposable tips ensure that each application starts with a clean path.
 Color  Gauge  I.D. (inch)  I.D. (mm)  Length  (inch/mm)  Part Number
 Black  14  0.063  1.60  1.25/32  LLN-14TUV-1.25
 Black  16  0.047  1.20  1.25/32  LLN-16TUV-1.25
 Black  18  0.033  0.84  1.25/32  LLN-18TUV-1.25
 Black  20  0.024  0.60  1.25/32  LLN-20TUV-1.25
 Black  22  0.016  0.41  1.25/32  LLN-22TUV-1.25
 Black  25  0.010  0.25  1.25/32  LLN-25TUV-1.25


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