Nitrogen Blankets

Nitrogen blankets from GP Reeves prevent air from accessing moisture-cure materials and advancing their solidification.

Product details

Nitrogen blankets are the perfect addition to a system designed for use with moisture cure materials. The layer of nitrogen between your material and the open air ensures that no unfiltered air will make its way to your material — protecting it from accidental curing. A nitrogen blanket works by filling an area with nitrogen to act as a secondary barrier between your moisture-curing material and the outside air. Nitrogen blankets are available on the inductor of a pump or in the metering rod chamber of an AA dispenser

Features and Benefits

    • Nitrogen blankets prevent ambient air from causing any premature material curing.
    • The double inductor seal on a nitrogen blanket protects moisture cure material.
    • Nitrogen blankets are available as an option on a variety of adhesive and sealant dispensing products.

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