GPMD12000 Adhesive and Sealant Dispenser

The GPMD12000 Dispenser is beneficial for dependably dispensing a variety of moisture-cure materials.

GPMD1200 Adhesive and Sealant Dispenser

Features and Benefits

    • Oil sealed piston chamber prevents material from curing.
    • Shot size adjustment is quick and easy using a fine-thread adjustment screw with a lock nut.
    • GPMD12000 can dispense up to 40 times per minute at the maximum shot size.

Configuration Options

GPMD12000 Dispenser is available in a variety of configurations:

    • Adjustable Volumes and Boost Ratios
    • Stroke Sensors
    • Calibration Scale
    • Common or Separate Air Ports

Product details

The GPMD12000 dispenser is a base-mountable, air-operated, single-acting, adjustable, metered shot (piston) dispenser for moisture-cure materials. It features an oil sealed piston chamber to protect moisture cure materials from premature curing. The GPMD12000 also allows for extremely accurate dispensing of 0.02 cc to 3.69 cc shots of material using positive displacement. For easy use, the GPMD12000 features an oil level indicator that shows when oil should be added. With this dispenser, users can change shot size quickly and easily using a fine-thread adjustment screw with a lock nut. Bases are available with 1 to 8 stations and also with separate air inlets for independent operation. The GPMD12000 can dispense moisture-curing materials up to 40 times per minute at the maximum shot size and operates at 50 to 120 PSI.

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