Dispense Valves for Adhesives and Sealants

Dispense Valves are used to control material flow and maintain line pressure as well as prevent any adhesive or sealant material from oozing.

Dispense Valves

Features and Benefits

    • Can be used with “timed dispense” systems.
    • Available in multiple sizes and a variety of handheld configurations.
    • Cleanable and repairable.

Configuration Options

Dispense valves are available in a variety of configurations:

    • Inline
    • Cartridge
    • Material Pressure Ratings
    • Various Material Ports

Product details

Dispense valves for adhesives and sealants offer a precise method to equalize material pressure and deliver a consistent material supply. When opened with air, it allows adhesive or sealant material to move at a consistent pressure from the time the material leaves the dispenser to when it is dispensed. These devices are available in cartridge and inline mounting options. Dispense valves can be mounted between the positive displacement dispenser and the nozzle, or prior to the dispenser to ensure the material pressure remains consistent.

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