MeasureMELT Hot Melt Dispense System

The All-in-One Solution for Dispensing Hot Melt

MeasureMELT Hot Melt Dispense System

The MeasureMelt series consists of tank and unloader style hot melt pumps, hoses, and dispense valves. GP Reeves’ hot melt dispensing products ensure that hot melt is accurately measured and dispensed in any way needed.


Features and Benefits

    • Consistent heating of solid materials
    • Products for all aspects of dispense
    • Positive displacement dispensing options available

Configuration Options

    • Tank or unloader options
    • Finned or smooth inductors
    • Power requirements
    • Pump type and flow rate

Product details

The MeasureMelt series focuses on two powerful ways to dispense hot melt. Whether your hot melt adhesive comes in smaller pieces such as pillows or beads, or in larger containers like a pail or drum, there is a pump option that will meet your unique specifications. For smaller scale hot melt glue dispensing, we offer several sizes of tank melters that melt and dispense material with ease. Our unloader style pumps are designed for use with pails or drums of solid hot melt. The finned style inductor of these hot melt systems allow for optimal melting of material as it’s pumped to the system. Plus, our customizable heated hoses ensure the hot melt material stays at a consistent temperature throughout the entire process.

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