AA8 Series Servo Grease Dispensers

Servo-driven, positive displacement AA8 grease dispensers provide accurate volume and dispense rate control. This, coupled with our patented air removal process, ensures precision that can be used for the most critical applications.

The AA8 Series Grease Dispenser’s consistency, programmability, and cost efficiency make it a top choice for manufactures such as automated assembly lines that need precise amounts of lubrication at specific points, CNC machining where consistent lubrication is required to prevent wear, and continuous production systems where downtime needs to be eliminated. 

AA8 Series Servo Dispenser

Features and Benefits

    • AA8 servo dispensers have a patented air removal process, which ensures only airless grease is dispensed into your manufacturing process.
    • The servo motor and linear actuator provide accurate volume and dispense rate control through constant position monitoring.
    • AA8 servo dispensers provide the PLC volume confirmation of your choice.

Configuration Options

    • Volume Ranges from 0.02 to 25.00 cc
    • Communications (EthernetIP, PROFINET, Sub-D)
    • Valve Stacks
    • Output Ports with Spray and Non-Spray

Product details

AA8 servo dispensers feature all electric servo motors and linear actuators which administer accurate volume and dispense rate control. There are a variety of volume options available with sizes between 0.02 and 25 cc. Dispensers utilize our patented air removal process that ensures only airless material enters your manufacturing process. 

The dispenser’s closed loop system automatically compensates for volume errors; this combined with our standard positive displacement dispensing ensures viscosity and temperature changes will not affect the accuracy of each dispense. This product’s flow-through design reduces the “pack out” of material. All AA8s use constant position monitoring to provide PLC volume confirmation. Controllers are available in standard and completely customized configurations.

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