Grease Snuff-Back Devices

Snuff-back devices help prevent oozing at the nozzle tip for cleaner applications.

Features and Benefits

    • Options exist to allow a snuff-back device to handle up to a maximum of 3000 PSI.
    • Grease snuff-back devices can be used with “timed dispense” systems.
    • These components are cleanable and repairable.

Configuration Options

    • Variety of Displacements
    • Port Sizes

Product details

The use of a Snuff-Back device is beneficial for minimizing or eliminating oozing. It works to dispense faster and is compact for installation near an application nozzle. The Snuff-Back device causes an increase in the volume inside the dispense tubing or hose ID volume during dispense and a decrease in that volume after the dispense cycle. A Grease Snuff-Back valve comes in options for up to a maximum of 3000 PSI and can function with NLGI 000 through NLGI 2 grease. Advantages of utilizing a Snuff-Back device include compensating for swelling or bending hoses and for material compressibility. These valves are cleanable and repairable, and there are several options for displacements, or amounts of grease pulled back.

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