Grease Spray Nozzles

Our air-assisted spray nozzles help deliver material to the part in challenging applications.

Features and Benefits

    • The variety of nozzles ensures a spray pattern fitting for any spraying endeavor.
    • Grease spray nozzles provide great uniform coverage to surfaces.
    • Grease spray nozzles have an assortment of options for your grease’s needs.

Configuration Options

    • Bulkhead Fitting
    • Mounting Blocks
    • Spray Angles
    • Inline Dispense Valves

Product details

GP Reeves offers a few different spray nozzles for grease: solid cone (SC), fine cone (FC), radial cone (RC), and hollow cone (HC). SC nozzles are great for spraying a wide variety of surfaces. The spray shape of this nozzle is narrower than the FC nozzle with more a more compact spray. It allows for more precision, and also works great with thicker materials. FC nozzles are perfect when an application process requires a critical level of uniformity in coverage. The shape of this spray is wider than the SC nozzle, and has a thinner grease application. A radial cone (RC) nozzle sprays the inside of a bore with a thin and even distribution of material. Since all of its end points are on the side of the nozzle’s cylindrical tip, it is perfect for radial patterns. Lastly, GP Reeves also offers a hollow cone (HC) nozzle for large coverage areas. It distributes material in a V pattern and is capable of working with oil and thin grease.

Solid Cone (SC)

Fine Cone (FC)

Hollow Cone (HC)

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