Grease Filters

Grease filters have been rigorously crafted to protect pressure regulators and other sensitive components of production grease dispensing systems.

a filter element and GF1000 Series filter

Why Use a Grease Filter?

    • More Useable Material
    • Less Clean-up
    • Decreased Downtime
    • Improved Productivity
    • Increased Product Quality, and More!

Features and Benefits

    • Grease filters protect pressure regulators and other sensitive components of the dispense system.
    • The use of a grease filter ensures that dispensing systems will resist potential clogging.
    • These devices filter out foreign material before it can enter your system.
    • Common results include less downtime, reduced material waste, and increased productivity.

Configuration Options

    • Mesh Size
    • Port Size 
    • Imperial or Metric Ports
    • Stainless Steel Filters

Product details

Grease filters are recommended for use with GP Reeves production grease dispensing systems. Metal chips, foreign particles, and other debris can get into the grease, and if not filtered out, they can clog or damage the dispensing system or even worse, become a part of the product. Our grease filters are designed for pressure up to 3,000 PSI and are engineered for NLGI 000 – 3 grease. The filter elements of our models are also cleanable, ensuring longevity of the product.

GF1000 Grease Series have replaceable filter elements, and the “Inside-Out” flow paths allow filtered contamination to be removed with the element. By employing a grease filter from GP Reeves, you can ensure that your machinery maintains its efficiency and effectiveness while safeguarding your products from potential debris.

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a GF 1000 Series grease filter

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