AA9 Series Servo Dispensers

AA9 oil dispensers are servo-driven and provide accurate volume and dispense rate control. These positive displacement oil dispensers include our patented air removal process, ensuring precision that can be used for the even the most critical of oil applications.

AA9 Series Servo Dispensers

Features and Benefits

    • Servo motor and linear actuator provide accurate volume and dispense rate control through positive displacement.
    • The flow-through design reduces the pack out of material.
    • Provides PLC volume confirmation.

Configuration Options

AA9 Series Servo Dispensers are available in a variety of configurations:

    • Volume
    • Output Ports
    • Communications (EthernetIP, PROFINET, Sub-D)

Product details

AA9 Servo Oil Dispensers use PLC programming to deliver accurate volume and dispense rate control. The AA9’s servo system allows for complete control of dynamic motions of the oil dispenser’s positive displacement operations; this coupled with our patented air removal process makes them perfect for critical oil applications. AA9 oil dispensers are available in volumes from 0.02 – 5,172 cc. This servo oil dispenser also equips users with the ability to make adjustments on the fly on the controller. Instead of employing an air cylinder, the servo turns an actuator, improving accuracy. This helps to ensure that your oil is accurately dispensed. AA9s are manufactured under US patent number 6,053,285.

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