GPMD11000 Oil Dispensers

Our GPMD11000 Oil Dispensers use positive piston displacement to accurately deliver measured shots of oil from 0.02cc to 6.20 cc, depending on the model.

gpmd10000 oil dispenser

Features and Benefits

    • Simple volume adjustment.
    • Dispense oil up to 40 times per minute.
    • Positive displacement ensures consistent volume regardless of oil temperature or viscosity.
    • Operates with low pressure oil.

Configuration Options

GPMD11000 Oil Dispensers are available in a variety of configurations:

    • Adjustable Volumes and Boost Ratios
    • Stroke Sensors
    • Calibration Scale
    • Common or Separate Air Ports

Product details

GPMD11000 Oil Dispensers are base-mountable, air-operated, single-acting, adjustable, metered shot dispensers. These dispensers utilize positive displacement to measure oil and accurately dispense material regardless of temperature or viscosity. Additionally, these dispensers feature fine thread adjustment screws and lock nuts allowing for quick and easy volume adjustment. GPMD11000s can dispense oil up to 40 times per minute and can operate between 50 to 120 PSI air with inlet material pressure up to 60 PSI. These models of GP Reeves oil dispensers can be independently or manifold mounted in groups of up to 8.

CAD Models

All GPMD11000 dispensers require a manifold for proper use. Below are CAD configurators for these dispensers with and without the manifold included. 


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