Oil Filters

Oil filters have been engineered to protect sensitive the most sensitive of components, such as pressure regulators or intricate dispensers, from material contamination.

oil filter and element

Features and Benefits

    • Oil filters protect pressure regulators and other sensitive components of the dispense system.
    • The use of an oil filter ensures that dispensing systems will resist potential clogging.
    • These devices filter out foreign material before it can enter your system.

Configuration Options

Grease filters are available in a variety of configurations:

    • Mesh Size
    • Port Size 
    • Imperial or Metric Ports
    • Stainless Steel Filters

Product details

We highly recommend utilizing oil filters with your oil dispensing systems. Clogs or system damage due to metal chips, foreign particles, and other debris can be prevented by using filters to keep your oil material clean. Our oil filters are designed for pressure up to 3,000 PSI. In addition, the filter elements of our models are easily cleanable and replaceable.

Our innovative GF1000 oil filter series has replaceable filter elements, and its “Inside-Out” flow paths allow for the removal of filtered contamination within the element. By using a GP Reeves oil filter, you can be confident that your equipment will maintain its maximum efficiency and effectiveness while safeguarding your products from potential debris and harm.

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