ratio test nozzles for two-component materials

Ratio test nozzles (2KRTN) are used to ensure the correct amount of each material enters the mixing tube. A ratio test nozzle can be used at any point to get the individual weight of the two components. They should have the same orifice size as the marrying block to ensure accurate weights. These nozzles can be made from plastic (disposable), stainless steel, or aluminum.  

Ratio Test Nozzles for Adhesives

Features and Benefits

    • Accuracy of Mixing: The nozzle ensures that the two components are mixed in the correct proportions, leading to a consistent end product with the desired properties.    
    • Consistent Quality: The nozzle ensures a consistent mix quality over time, reducing the chances of batch-to-batch variations arising from manual mixing or varying conditions.  
    • Easier Troubleshooting: If issues arise in the application or performance of the mixed product, knowing that the mix ratio was correct (validated by the nozzle) can help narrow down potential root causes. 
    • Economic Benefits: Ensuring the right mix from the outset can save costs by reducing material waste and rework costs associated with incorrect mixtures. 

Configuration Options

    • Multiple Part A orifice/Part B orifice configurations
    •  Available in disposable plastic, stainless steel or aluminum

Product Details

Ratio test nozzles used in 2K mixing systems ensure components are mixed in the correct proportions and validate that the dispensing equipment is operating correctly. It’s important to note that while ratio test nozzles are great for ensuring the correct mixing ratio, they do have limitations. Over time, the static mixing elements can become worn or clogged, especially if the mixed components are abrasive or if they cure rapidly. Therefore, regular inspection, cleaning, and replacement of these nozzles is essential to maintain their efficiency and accuracy. 

The correct mixing ratio of 2k material is crucial for the end product’s performance. GP Reeves ratio test nozzles provide a more efficient, accurate, and consistent method for verifying material amounts, leading to better product performance, safety, and cost savings. 


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