There is a biting chill in the air, and there are Jack-o-Lanterns on every front porch. It might be Halloween, but there’s nothing scarier than…. IMPROPER MATERIAL APPLICATION!!! Okay, there are scarier things than that, but products that aren’t properly lubricated, sealed, or adhered can put a damper on holiday festivities. In this article, we’ll go over the ways GP Reeves dispensing equipment helps you celebrate Halloween. 


When you walk into a Halloween store, through a haunted house, or around your neighborhood, what is the first thing you notice? The creepy décor! The most eye-catching decorations leave passersby in awe. From the smallest detail on a haunted house to the moving parts of an animatronic, your decorations need to be lubricated, sealed, and adhered together in order to be ready for spooky season. A custom solution from GP Reeves can help manufacturers bring on the frights in their productions. Maybe a GPMD to make sure those gears are well greased? Or a RotoMeter to seal up the electronic components? How about an automated system to simplify all those processes? GP Reeves develops the equipment that helps production keep the scares coming. 


Whether you are doing a trunk-or-treat, a hayride, or driving from neighborhood to neighborhood, vehicles are an important part of experiencing everything the Halloween season has to offer. Improper greasing or sealing can’t put those candy hauls on pause. Proper lubrication of a vehicle should start at production, and that’s where we come in. GP Reeves has vast experience in dispensing for the automotive industry. We have developed equipment and systems for wheel bore lubrication to get you from house to house, seat greasing to keep your seats in tip-top shape, and automated sealant application for trailer truck connections to get the hayrides coming. This is just a few of the many examples of what we do to keep you moving during the spooky season. 


From pumpkin seeds to cookies to caramel apples, there are many delicious treats that come with the Halloween season. However, it’s harder to enjoy them when appliances don’t work the way you need them to. Oven door stuck? Countertop mixer not working the way it used to? Inaccurate lubrication can ruin your recipes before you even start. Luckily, GP Reeves has experience in greasing appliances. Your kitchen mixer works like a charm thanks to our custom greasing system. When your pumpkin cookies are finished baking, the precisely lubricated oven door will open easily. Once you’re ready to clean up, your sink and dishwasher work the way you need them to with no resistance. We’ve got all your product greasing needs covered. 


For some people, staying and watching a scary movie is preferable to going out on Halloween night. Whether you’re streaming it or popping a disc in the DVD player, they all have electronic components that need proper material application to function. GP Reeves electronic applications can help seal, grease, and bond your electronic parts. A GSS/GSSM can quickly dispense grease on remote control buttons to prevent them from getting stuck, a custom system will dispense material to seal up the components for your TV, and a GPMD oil dispenser will make sure your DVD will slide out with ease.  

Scary accurate dispensing is only a call away!

No matter the time of year, GP Reeves dispensing equipment has always been there to make sure your festivities go smoothly. To learn about the other processes we have simplified, check out our other resource articles. If your production needs scarily precise dispensing, reach out to GP Reeves today! 

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