As contemporary times bring extreme growth and evolvement to the energy and renewable resources industries, it is important to be cognizant of some of the main interests currently gripping this dynamic field. There are three large trends our team has observed within this comprehensive market, and specific ways our facility has identified potential for effective problem-solving by our engineers. Although the industry has additional challenges to approach, these specific priorities can be uniquely addressed by the technological offerings of GP Reeves and our advanced dispensing capabilities. 

Optimizing Net Energy Gain: 

The first trend our team has recognized is the increased importance of a favorable net energy gain. Net energy gain is a concept that refers to the difference between the energy expended to harvest an energy source and the amount of energy gained from that withdrawal. To support companies in their efforts towards an optimal net energy gain, there are specific ways in which the team at GP Reeves hopes to help: 

  • With efficiency and precision provided by our dispensing equipment, less energy would be exerted during the production of products related to the progression of the energy and natural resources industry. This would lead to an overall competitive net energy gain of the broader production process. 
  • The accuracy of a GP Reeves dispenser ensures that products are reliable and durable. A companies energy ROI can be optimized since energy spent on manual or disorganized processes could be circumvented by automated and precise equipment. 
  • Our adhesive and sealant dispensing systems can benefit the manufacturing processes of products like fuel stacks and photovoltaic cells, furthering the advancement of technology that supports a larger net energy gain. 

Reducing Anthropogenic Emissions of Greenhouse Gases

The next target that GP Reeves aims to assist with is the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. These are emissions from human activities such as fossil fuel burning, deforestation, changes in land use, and fertilization. For over a century, scientists have been concerned that as the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere increases, so will the planet’s capacity to retain heat. To combat this dangerous growth in emissions production, GP Reeves hopes to utilize our innovative equipment and environmentally beneficial practices to support the reduction of global warming. Some specific tactics we hope to apply include: 

  • Many companies could benefit by transitioning their bonding process from an operation conducted through welding to one completed with adhesive or sealant technology. By promoting ad/seal technology, GP Reeves could reduce the emissions produced by welding like metallic oxides and chemical particulates. 
  • By utilizing dispensing technology by GP Reeves, facilities could reduce labor and production times. Since our equipment increases efficiency, warehouses could reduce their running time or spend running time on more effective processes. 
  • A lot of waste occurs in the operations of production facilities. Because the positive displacement equipment by GP Reeves pumps all the way to the bottom of pails or reservoirs, there is minimal waste left behind, thus contributing to more sustainable efforts. 

Advancing the Green Revolution 

Simens Gamesa has made an impactful movement in directing the “Green Industrial Revolution” as they have recently called for more environmentally sustainable business operations. The organization’s plan laid out methods for corporations and consumers to align with goals of this Green Revolution. It involved aims to create a cost-effective demand-side market for renewable materials to drive down the costs of equipment, infrastructure, and day-to-day operating costs. GP Reeves is enthused to engage in practices to steward the potential advantages a movement such as this could provide the planet. Some ways in which our team hopes to benefit the Green Revolution include: 

  • GP Reeves can benefit the development of a reliable supply chain for the advancement of green technology. Since our equipment is manufactured in-house, there is a smaller chance of a delay due to supply chain issues.
  • Our company could further the adoption of renewable products in the manufacturing process due to our capability to configure our systems to dispense a wide variety of material. GP Reeves’ skillful engineers can accommodate for the rise of biodegradable and compostable adhesives with equipment customized for the processes of each customer’s unique operations. 
  • GP Reeves can increase the cost-effectiveness of sustainable businesses and renewable energy production by decreasing the long-term labor and material costs of a business. Since our equipment is automated and offers repeatable precision, material is accurately dispensed without a need for unnecessary funds. 

Overall, our team has many opportunities to participate in the development of the energy and renewable energy industries. Because our approach to machinery is environmentally conscious, we are excited to combine our skillset, manufacturing capabilities, and passion for innovation to further propel the ecological wellbeing of our community and planet. 

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