Thanksgiving dinner is one of the most iconic meals in America. Weeks of planning, days spent cooking dishes for a single meal. You might not realize it, but GP Reeves is working in the background to make this holiday go smoother. From the grocery store to the dining room, here’s how GP Reeves helps you win Thanksgiving.

Imagine this: it’s the day before Thanksgiving and you just realized you’re missing the key ingredient for your famous green bean casserole, the beans! It is your last chance to get store, and at this point, you’re relying on your car more than ever. You want your ride to be smooth and your buttons to glide back and forth with ease. Luckily, your automotive components were lubricated by none other than GP Reeves. This means you’ll be able to switch between your favorite radio stations (probably Christmas music – who are we kidding) without issue, your doors will open and close with ease, and your engine will start upon ignition.

Once you get to the store, you have no problem finding those green beans, but you start to wonder where the beans came from. Contrary to popular belief, that can of green beans did not magically appear on the shelf, each bean was planted, tended to, and harvested by a passionate farmer. This farmer probably used one (or more) large scale tractors to make that happen. Just like the vehicle you used to get to the store, agricultural vehicles require various types of lubricants, adhesives, sealant, and other production materials to properly function. We wouldn’t want a rickety differential, would we?

At last, you get home with your ingredients, and are finally ready to start cooking. You’re relying heavily on each and every appliance in your kitchen to help you get the job done. You cannot be struggling to open your oven door when the turkey is inside, the kitchen mixer needs to run smoothly when you are making a dessert that will blow away your in-laws, the sink faucet needs to be in tip-top condition to wash the produce, and the motor of your dishwasher needs to be well lubricated to clean it all up.

Thanksgiving Dinner

After all the preparation, you are at last able to sit down with your family and enjoy Thanksgiving dinner. You gather with your loved ones and share what you are thankful for (and somebody better say you for the amount of time you put into this meal!). At GP Reeves, we are thankful for our entire team who is constantly working to further our dispensing products and introduce them into new industries. We’re thankful for the opportunity to be involved in the manufacturing of so many essential products, and for our amazing customers who have continually helped us grow and improve. We will continue to develop reliable solutions that ensure not only do your holiday dinners go smoothly, but everyday tasks as well.

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